Family Ministries

Studies have shown that the biggest factor in whether or not we have faith as adults is if our parents were engaged in church and fellowship. We believe that family is the foundation of faith for our future generations. We strive to offer faith growing activities for kids of all ages and immersive family events.

In December and April we host hands on, feel like you’re right there, events about Jesus’ birth and death. Families walk through the busy streets of the Bethlehem marketplace and create with our artisans while learning the story of how our Savior came into the world. For Easter, families walked blindfolded and barefoot through a recreation of Christ’s tomb while hearing the story of His resurrection in a whole new way.

Whether it’s Vacation Bible School, Chapel at Clearfield Preschool Center, or learning to be a reverent Boy Scout, we try to fill the hearts of our youth with the kind of powerful love only God can bring. We would love to see you soon!